AYA – Acim Yoga Art

Nu kommer du kunna köpa våra fina Mansdala på Justyoga.

Texten kommer på både svenska och engelska eftersom du kommer kunna beställa från olika leverantörer.


Acim – A Course in Miracles have been in my life since1989. I live and breath it and think it is the most beautiful book ever written.

Love to make Acim Quotes and now you can find them in my store, so cool.

Yoga – I love yoga, for the last 8 years I have the opportunity to work as a yoga teacher at Justyoga.se. I Love to sing mantra and Sat Nam – true Identity is my favourite.

What more do we need than to be true.

That is what it´s al about in my yoga, art and workshops.

Art – creativity is for me to express the truth of who you are, to be conscious in spirit.

When I went to art-school it was LOVE, I find a way to express myself, and today it is a divine communication – My art-studio is my temple and the art I create is now available for you to enjoy. So cool and so happy to share it.

From my Heart to Your Heart

Sat Nam

Lottie Stjernqvist aya@justy